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Motospeed V70 Gaming Mouse RGB LED Backlight Optical USB Wired 7 Buttons Customize Macro Programming

USD 53.66

USD 40.78 -24%



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Product Description

Motospeed V70 USB Wired Gaming Mouse ZEUS6400 5000 DPI Computer RGB LED Backlight Mouse Gamer Optical for Women PUBG


-SPI sampling time: 2ms

-Refresh rate: 500Hz

-Maximum tracking speed: 250IPS


-Connection method: wired

-Connection: USB2.0

-Backlight mode: RGB multicolor breathing backlight

-Mouse Lifespan ( times): 20 million

-Maximum tracking speed: 250IPS

-Refresh rate: 500Hz

-SPI sampling time: 2ms

-Cable Length (m) :1.7m

-Power Supply:USB Port

- Wear resistant Teflon feet stickers

Mouse DPI:



-System support:Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 10,Windows Vista,Mac OS


Product Highlights:


The Motospeed V70 mouse has an amazing RGB multicolor breathing backlight mode. Adjustable up to 12000dpi, which improves response speed and accuracy. 20 million micro-switches ensure the Motospeed V70 mouse works for a long time. Motospeed V70 mouse supports encoding and macro definition. You can set special operating modes for yourself.

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