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  • How do you celebrate April fool's day?
    Time: Mar. 29, 2019


    How time flies! It will be soon April fool's day, is a day when you may be spoofed or cheated.

    But jokes on this day always make people laugh and cry.The younger generation still likes April fool's day.

    However,to avoid causing unnecessary trouble,Microsoft today announced a company-wide ban on April fool's day.


    Today's Microsoft is so focused on business and productivity that it no longer offers April fool's day entertainment;

    Many people were surprised to see the news.This may also be an April fool's joke.


    But some people think that April fool's day will consume the trust between people,which doesn't make any sense.

    On the other hand, April fool's day may can be a nasty joke.If not properly controlled,it will even make people disgusted.

    On the contrary,if we want to tell someone a white lie, we won't care if it's April fool's day,right?


    So cherish the moment,treat the people in front of you,do not use deception,spoof to treat the people closest to you.

    What's your opinion?How do you celebrate April fool's day?


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