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  • Avengers:Endgame the first reviews are out,I AM IRONMAN.
    Time: Apr. 24, 2019


    The much-anticipated Avengers:Endgame is making its world premiere, for this movie,the popularity is beyond description.

    According to the feedback from audiences who watched the premiere, the whole movie was so emotional that it almost broke down in tears.


    " 'I AM the IRONMAN!' Beginning and end.Thanks to iron man and marvel for 3,000 days of laughter, tears, affection and love."

    "Iron man became captain America, and captain America became iron man."

    "To the best eleven years of my life.Thank you, marvel, for the perfect ending to my youth"

    "Marvel after marvel, kickbacks layer upon layer, say goodbye to where it all started.That is, logic is powerless, emotion is vast.For me personally, I am satisfied"



    Some critics even gave this comment:unbelievable!! Avengers 4 takes the entire marvel universe to an exciting and satisfying conclusion!

    This is a beautiful movie!Funny, smart, witty, brilliant! The perfect combination of action, emotion and humor!

    That's the best! The greatest superhero movie of all time!


    After thanos destroyed half the universe and casualties on the avengers, the remaining heroes are forced to fight it out to write the final chapter of 22 marvel movies.

    Are you ready for this movie and what's your review?


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