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  • Halloween's coming!! Share your Scary Short Story.
    Time: Oct. 28, 2019


    The annual Halloween is coming.

    Pumpkin face?


    Watching a horror movie?

    Theme party?

    And tell ghost stories!


    The history of New York university's Washington square campus is full of death and tragedy.Until 1825, it was a cemetery, with about 20,000 osseous remains buried.
    And the brown building on campus was once home to New York's triangle underwear factory.There was a fire in the factory in 1911.146 people were killed when the owner of the factory locked the doors of the building because workers could not leave while on duty.
    Unable to escape through the gate, some of them jumped out of Windows and died.Until now, students have sometimes reported smelling smoke and hearing strange noises.


    UCL, the Arthur Tattersall House in 119 Gower street is haunted!
    One young girl, Emma Louise, was killed in a tunnel near this Building that connects the Modern UCL Building with the Older Cruciform Building.
    What's worse, the rumor is that if you read the girl's name three times, she will immediately appear in front of you and tell you how she was killed. Remember? Emma Louise calls three times to summon the ghost.


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